Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Rule...

I would like to implement a new rule for a very common daily problem...that is the problem of the "lost call". You're on the phone chatting gets "lost"...where?...who knows...immediately both callers begin dialing only to receive a voice mail message...people who you are really in sync with IE: best firends...lovers...this could go on for days... as you both try to call each other at the exact same second. New Rule: whoever called the other person originally should be the one to call again. And that's the rule!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bumper Sticker...

I think a good bumper sticker idea would be...

"I'm Winning"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


One of the first rules of improvisation is to never say "no"...for instance if your stage partner says "would you like a pickle?" you are supposed to say "yes" to keep the action moving...If you were to say "no" then the action would end... there is nothing left to do except argue back and forth... not very interesting for the audience or the actors...I am also a firm believer that this rule carries over into life... saying "yes" will keep things moving and shaking in your life...obviously there are times when you cannot possibly say yes or when it would put you in danger...but as a general rule... i think yes is generally best.


Even though oatmeal is reminiscent of sludge...i still think it is delicious...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I think my Ipod has a crush on me...because everytime I turn it tries to seduce me by playing all of my favorite songs back to back.

The Winner...

I love it when a guy holds the door open for me...because then it gives me a head start...and then i beat him and I am the winner.

Monday, March 2, 2009

100 Underrated things to ponder...

This blog is in response to James Gunn's blog "100 Most Overrated Things Of All Time"

...which although I found to mostly be true I also found slightly offensive (as he mentioned most of my favorite things which makes me feel unoriginal...and I hate feeling unoriginal) here they are, in my opinion...

"The 100 most UNDERRATED things as of Now (not of all time)" ...some of these things were once accurately rated, but in my opinion have, to our disadvantage, become under appreciated...

100. holding hands
99. bowls
98. Patricia Clarckson
97. wearing scary costumes on Halloween (as opposed to sexy costumes)
96. suspenders
95. the Dustbuster
94. "The Jerk" (the movie)
93. the jerk (the dance)
92. croutons
91. wednesday nights
90. using correct punctuation
89. mailmen
88. eating breakfast for dinner
87. giving homemade birthday cards
86. "Anchorman"
85. not having a tattoo
84. Popsicles
83. carpooling
82. double stick tape
81. indoor/outdoor cats
80. machiattos
79. "True Romance"
78. flossing
77. sincerity
76. pencils
75. natural beauty
74. the great feeling after getting an oil change
73. large vocabularies
72. the spare button
71. Eric Wareheim
70. "Crash Test Dummies"
69. post-its
68. carrying a flask
67. dating someone your own age
66. instant oatmeal
65. naps
64. David Krumholtz
63. the 99 cent store
62. "Flight of the Concords"
61. Giuseppe Arcimboldo
60. honey as a sweetener
59. taking the bus
58. Beverly D' Angelo
57. bees
56. Lisa Frank
55. colorful clothing
54. giving mix Cd's as gifts
53. "Marcy Playground"
52. the tambourine
51. making out
50. "House of Yes"
49. the checkout boys at Trader Joes
48. water
47. "Gremlins 2"
46. Lawrence Welk
45. balloon animals
44. the Bedazzler!
43. faking it
42. puns
41. "Mean Girls"
40. "Sparks" (the band)
39. Sparks(the beverage)
38. "Innerspace"
37. vitamin B12
36. speedos
35. bowling
34. Galileo
33. bicycling as a main form of transportation
32. shoelaces
31. narwhals
30. saffron
29. woman's' sports
28. artichokes
27. learning from the elderly
26. garbage men
25. downtown Los Angeles
24. breathing
22. beets
21. urinal cakes
20. handwritten letters
19. fire
18. "Tron"
17. covens
16. fabric softener
15. bowling
14. Brussels sprouts
13. comic books
12. "My So Called Life"
11. the wheel
10. Ringo Star
9. porcupines
8. quality toilet paper
7. going dutch
6. "Mudcrutch"
5. The Clapper
4. etiquette
3. the asterisks
2. Elvira
1. And the number one underrated thing....
The Lost City of Atlantis....definitely not enough coffee talk going on about that whole mystery!