Monday, April 21, 2008

R.C.'s Birthday...

R.c's Birthday was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time.... Havok was wreaked!!! We started at his house at 3pm and drank our share of champagne, jager, tequilla, beer, and of course... ESPRESSO!! Then we gathered our whistles and began our "Whistle Stop Tour".
The rules are simple...
1. we stop at every bar from Los Feliz to Silverlake
2. we only stay for ONE drink/shot
3. we blow our whistles loudly and often
4. we wreak havok on our way to the bars
5. we wreak havok in the bars
6. we do our best not to be arrested
7. we talk about how much we love R.C as often as possible

The videos below were taken with a small camera and i apologize for the poor lighting and quality. But enjoy...nonetheless...
These first two are walking down Sunset Blvd. after 5 or 6 bars...
videoThis was at the end of the night... R.C. was D-runk!
videoThis is kinda hard to see... at the Akbar dancing... if you squint you can see Mathew and Nathan

This was in the beginning of the day when we were still having somewhat normal convos...