Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I wanna go to the beach...

redfethrboa (2:38:10 PM): whatcha doin?
eightiesbangs (2:38:27 PM): Shorking
eightiesbangs (2:38:32 PM): working
eightiesbangs (2:38:32 PM): ha
eightiesbangs (2:38:59 PM): I'm tired of sitting down all the time
eightiesbangs (2:39:04 PM): it make a me loco
redfethrboa (2:39:15 PM): yeah... i wanaa go to the baech...
eightiesbangs (2:39:39 PM): I want to be up and active throughout my day
eightiesbangs (2:39:48 PM): do important things
redfethrboa (2:39:53 PM): but you're too cerebral
eightiesbangs (2:40:41 PM): yeah, but I can utilize that aspect while doing shit
eightiesbangs (2:41:08 PM): and I'm quite intuitive, thank you very much
redfethrboa (2:41:56 PM): lets make mooooovies!!!
redfethrboa (2:42:00 PM): or start a Baaaaand
eightiesbangs (2:42:14 PM): pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!
eightiesbangs (2:42:45 PM): and exorcize more too
eightiesbangs (2:42:52 PM): aaaaahhhhh
eightiesbangs (2:43:03 PM): what have I done with my youth?
eightiesbangs (2:43:18 PM): NOTHING but drink and seek
eightiesbangs (2:44:12 PM): Hey, do you remember the 2 songs we wrote last Thursday?
eightiesbangs (2:44:26 PM): they were good, I swear they were
eightiesbangs (2:44:35 PM): but I can't remember them
redfethrboa (2:46:21 PM): i'm gonna have 5,000 cats... they're gonna be called cat cat cat... cat cat cat.. you can see where this is going it is cat times 5,000
eightiesbangs (2:46:42 PM): I LOVE IT
eightiesbangs (2:46:50 PM): OH MY GOD

redfethrboa (2:47:00 PM): the other one was based on a sentence that you said about your work and how they were down a bunch of money or something. can't totally remeber.
eightiesbangs (2:48:12 PM): We have to make that
redfethrboa (2:48:22 PM): ok
redfethrboa (2:48:39 PM): i wanna be like the movies
eightiesbangs (2:49:55 PM): What are you doing tonight
redfethrboa (2:50:09 PM): i haven't slept in three days.
eightiesbangs (2:50:17 PM): TAKE A XANAX
redfethrboa (2:50:22 PM): i was thinking about giving it another shot tonight.
redfethrboa (2:50:31 PM): whats up with the bold?
eightiesbangs (2:50:35 PM): It will help
redfethrboa (2:50:36 PM): relax.
redfethrboa (2:50:40 PM): stop yelling
eightiesbangs (2:50:42 PM): its for emphasis
redfethrboa (2:50:48 PM): i get it.
eightiesbangs (2:51:00 PM): wait, bold or caps
redfethrboa (2:51:16 PM): both, just stop yelling you're hurting my ears!
eightiesbangs (2:51:37 PM): I'm messing with the fonts and colors
eightiesbangs (2:51:57 PM): I had nasty orange, so I'm learning what to do
redfethrboa (2:52:14 PM): i don't see any orange
eightiesbangs (2:52:26 PM): what color is my bubble
eightiesbangs (2:52:49 PM):
(I think it only effects others who use IChat
eightiesbangs (2:52:50 PM):
redfethrboa (2:53:01 PM): what bubble?
eightiesbangs (2:53:47 PM): On my IM, it shows the persons icon, then puts a bubble next to them to show text. Like a comic book
redfethrboa (2:54:43 PM): mine is lame then... no comic book
eightiesbangs (2:55:03 PM): just words?
redfethrboa (2:55:20 PM): yes, RC... just words
redfethrboa (2:55:48 PM): wait. are you doing this from your phone or your computer?
eightiesbangs (2:56:37 PM): haha
eightiesbangs (2:56:46 PM):
my computer
redfethrboa (2:57:11 PM): i want to be like a comic book. how do you get that?
eightiesbangs (2:58:24 PM): adium.com
eightiesbangs (2:58:44 PM): it wont give you IChat, but its better
eightiesbangs (2:58:54 PM):
it will spruce it up
redfethrboa (2:59:12 PM): seriously get away from bold. your words are looking more imporatant than mine.
redfethrboa (2:59:18 PM): my words are jealous
eightiesbangs (3:01:58 PM): haha, I dont know how. Trying to find out

Tattoo Continued...

So I still really want to get a tattoo...

but you know what they say about getting a tattoo...

"Whatever you do...don't get a tattoo until you know what you want to get tattooed on you"...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Text Messages...

This is what a Text Message looks like...


This is what a Text Messgae USED to look like...


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grocery Shopping...

Do you ever go grocery shopping... then when you get home you don't feel like putting it all away...so then you just eat everything instead? I did that on Tuesday...

Monday, April 21, 2008

R.C.'s Birthday...

R.c's Birthday was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time.... Havok was wreaked!!! We started at his house at 3pm and drank our share of champagne, jager, tequilla, beer, and of course... ESPRESSO!! Then we gathered our whistles and began our "Whistle Stop Tour".
The rules are simple...
1. we stop at every bar from Los Feliz to Silverlake
2. we only stay for ONE drink/shot
3. we blow our whistles loudly and often
4. we wreak havok on our way to the bars
5. we wreak havok in the bars
6. we do our best not to be arrested
7. we talk about how much we love R.C as often as possible

The videos below were taken with a small camera and i apologize for the poor lighting and quality. But enjoy...nonetheless...
These first two are walking down Sunset Blvd. after 5 or 6 bars...

This was at the end of the night... R.C. was D-runk!
This is kinda hard to see... at the Akbar dancing... if you squint you can see Mathew and Nathan

This was in the beginning of the day when we were still having somewhat normal convos...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morning Show...

It's about time I have my own morning show with my best friend, R.C...
We would call it "Mornings Come and Mornings Go! Nicolette and R.C.'s Morning Show!!"
A typical episode would go something like this...








You're wondering what's in the cups right?
Well, whiskey of course!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free shoes...


These "almost new" shoes are free for the taking. Men's size 9 1/2.
Please let me know if you are interested...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



I challenge you to build a Jenga tower of 36 stories. Rc and I built one of 35. Here is proof.... apparently in the directions you are only "pro" if you can go 36 or above.
I dare you... I really do...so difficult...